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3 Road to Riches games + Guidebook on Personal Finance + Lesson plans for teachers



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6 reviews for Road to Riches

  1. Nisha Agrawal

    Very good game, we had fun and really learned something useful! What I like most is that it gets you thinking about how decisions you make can influence your future.

  2. Aaron Gold

    Super game, smart and creative! Definitely better than Monopoly.

  3. Peter Wu

    Excellent game, I recommend it for everyone who wants to know a bit about finance. I played it with my brother who has a financial background and was able to hold my own.

  4. Brigitte Maier

    We played with the kids (14 and 19) and we all loved it! It’s easy to play and competitive. Some of the questions are a bit difficult but you learn as you go. The Guidebook is great for kids.

  5. Carol Evans

    Great game, love it! I’d give it a 9++

  6. Amanda Pressler

    Very good game. We loved the news cards which really made you think, and the wild cards which were fun. A cool way to learn about money!

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