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Road to Riches game + Guidebook on Personal Finance + Lesson plans for teachers





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4 reviews for Road to Riches

  1. Albert Matos

    I used the game for a ‘fun day’ in class. The students really had fun and learned a lot. Importantly, they also seemed to retain the lessons learned, as I ran a quiz the following week.

  2. Dana Arco

    The game is excellent. The lesson plans are good, though a bit long. The Guidebook is a useful addition for students to read.

  3. Amanda Hoover

    I only used 2 of the lesson plans, on asset types and asset allocation, but these were very useful. The Guidebook is great – short, easy to understand, and covers the basics. Should be essential reading in any personal finance class.

  4. Ali Panico

    This was an excellent addition to our finance class! Students had fun and were fully engaged. I wish we had done this earlier in the class, as it really got them interested in the subject and ask questions.

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